Sandeep Vashisht

Dear MUN Directors and Delegates…

While writing this message, we keep in mind that we not only address the delegates of DXBMUN, but future leaders of the world who will be involved in decision making that will affect a whole generation.

DXBMUN aims at getting the most diplomatic and intellectual students from around the region to create an environment that will see students trying to understand how global leaders influence decisions that can change the way we live. DXBMUN is all set to be one of the key entries into any MUN calendar and we aim to be known as not only the biggest and best MUN in the region, but also the most diverse MUN which sees students from various backgrounds coming together as one community under one roof.

The conference expects students to come together to discuss and analyze global issues and simulate an actual UN conference, but with their original views pertaining to their country’s policies. This program gives the delegates an opportunity to open themselves to different global problems and look at them with a more pragmatic approach. It also helps delegates to develop their problem solving skills as they get engaged in making live resolutions on complex issues. We fervently believe that leadership is not so much practiced in words as in actions. It's time to unlock your potential and make your voice heard.

All the best for your conference!

Sandeep Vashisht
Senior Supervisor Activities

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