Dear Delegates,

It is with distinct pride and pleasure that I welcome you to the Future Crisis Committee of DXBMUN’17. I, Kartik Goyal, will be your chair for three days of debate, discussion and negotiation where you will be assuming the role of diplomats, who will be shaping a strategy for the protection of people’s lives and deduce methods to create a brighter future. I have been involved in MUN for about 3 years now. MUN has taught me to not only express opinions which have a formal outlook but also to speak without hesitation and fear of the wrong. Apart from MUN, I possess the qualities of being a true leader. I aspire to become an Oncologist and also carry the dreams of becoming an IAS officer. I enjoy reading books and I am also a very professional swimmer. I am very passionate when it comes to MUN and I hope that all the delegates attending the Future Crisis Committee are already acquainted with the proceedings of the committee. As chairperson, I expect all delegates to not only act as catalysts to the council’s thought process but also enable the debate to run in a manner which is coherent and comprehensive, rather than meticulous or accurate.

Future Crisis Committees primary objective is strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and for addressing situations of Prime concern and making recommendations regarding these situations.

I will look favorably upon a committee that is sensible and fun filled. Elaborating on that aforementioned line of thought, I would expect delegates to reflect unparalleled expertise at all times and participate in the discussions to the best of their abilities.

I would also personally like to make an effort and see to it that all delegates attending this committee have a lot of fun and learning as possible during the course of this session. With the message delivered, I would just like to conclude by saying- 
“Brace yourselves; a rollicking experience awaits you!”

Kartik Goyal


Future Crisis Committee



Resettlement and diminution of environmental migrants(Climate Refugee Crisis) 2024.

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