“Lives scattered here and there,

Crimes and weapons threaten to scare,

Poverty and corruption widespread everywhere,

And yet we don’t seem to care.”

Greetings esteemed delegates,

It is my due honour and privilege to welcome you to the simulation General Assembly Sixth Committee (Legal) at Dubai Model United Nations Conference 2017. I shall be your host to a show never seen before. To introduce myself, I am a student of Grade 11 at the Indian High School, Dubai. I carry the dreams of pursuing a PhD at MIT, USA and becoming a robotics engineer, but my passion lies in writing. Books are my first love. Apart from this, I love cracking bad jokes.

I started MUNing in Grade 9 and has been an integral part of me ever since. It doesn’t only suffice to give an insight of the pressing issues the world faces, but also teaches everyone important life lessons. Having been the vice president of GA6 once, I know the roles and responsibility of the Legal committee, and my associates at work or accomplices, Aaditya and Umang, and I will ensure its smooth functioning.

This year, GA6 shall simulate two enthralling agendas: 

  1. The scope and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction. 
  1. High level discussion on the viability and the need for Reforms to the United Nations.

The first topic at hand, as the name suggests, deals with criminal judgements, which allows the international community to take certain decisions regarding certain crimes committed by individuals. The first agenda is a difficult topic looking from a legal point of view and will require great understanding of the topic. The second agenda deals with the existence of the veto power in the Security Council, the formation of various bodies, and also questions the structure and effectiveness of the United Nations. Hence, this year, the Legal Committee shall be making decisions which will decide the future of the United Nations itself.

Whenever I go to MUN’s I always keep in mind to not have mercy on anyone and set the podium ablaze. However, experience has taught me the best solutions are not possible without compromises. Thus, as the Chairperson, I expect heated debate, along with entertainment and controversy at times. I expect both fun and fire. But most importantly, I expect solutions that will shape the world we live in. Alan Watts once rightly quoted, “We are at war between consciousness and nature, between the desire of permanence and the fact of flux. It is ourself against ourselves.”

Lastly, I have a thought to share with you. ‘I ask myself every single day, “Whatever I am doing, is it right?” But then I realise that it is not only me who should ask this but every single human being on this planet.’ Anticipating to meet you this summer.

Till then, au revoir!

Hemang Dash,


United Nations General Assembly 6


Agenda 1

The scope and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction

Agenda 2

High-level discussion on the viability and needs for reforms to the United Nations

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