“The Disarmament Conference has become the focal point of a great struggle between anarchy and world order... between those who think in terms of inevitable armed conflict and those who seek to build a universal and durable peace.”

Greetings Delegates,

My name is JoAnn Rose Sanu and it is my honor to serve as the Chairperson of the First Committee. To introduce myself, I study in grade 12 in the Indian High School Dubai. I enjoy reading and there is nothing I enjoy more than a good debate.

What is so powerful about MUN is the ability we have to engage in issues that challenge our world and participate in a manner befitting to the country we represent. It is indeed  interesting that we enter a whole new world where our decisions and policies have the power to solve global conflicts and usher peace.

The committee for Disarmament and International Security is in my opinion, one of the most important committees especially in light of current happenings. The first committee is tasked with maintaining peace and seeking out solutions to the challenges in the international security regime- A task which you delegates, now have to fulfil.

As delegates, you are expected to come up with solutions on the following agendas: 

 A) Preventive measures on the development of weapons of mass destruction.

 B) National sovereignty and asymmetric warfare

These two agendas are critical towards maintenance of international peace and security and I expect all delegates to be well prepared in order to provide suitable solutions to the issue at hand. You will act as catalysts to the committee’s proceedings and it is up to you to ensure that the debate flows in a manner that is productive and comprehensive. Remember- think, talk, act, argue and negotiate like the diplomat you will be.

I hope that each of you leaves with fond memories and new learning experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime. My team and I look forward to seeing you all there!

Yours truly,

JoAnn Rose Sanu




Agenda 1

Preventive measures on development of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Agenda 2

National Sovereignty and Asymmetric Warfare.

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