The General Assembly Fourth Committee is one of the six major committees of the United Nations General Assembly. Like all General Assembly bodies, the Fourth Committee is a resolution-writing committee, which provides non-binding propositions and encourages cooperation to reach particular objectives and also has the consent to assemble, discuss, and make suggestions regarding “the powers and functions of any organs provided for in the present Charter. The Member States are not legally bound to the results of the committee sessions.
The level of debate required in this committee is very high as it deals with some of the pressing world issues that cause a lot of disputes between the member states looking into their countries welfare and delegates should look to capitalize upon this existing momentum when creating new policy for the special political and decolonization topics.
Hence yes, the challenge level is high.
Welcome to General Assembly 4

Agenda 1

The situation in Kashmir.

Agenda 2

The Validity of Referendums in Areas of Dispute.

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