State Affairs Commission of DPRK

Greeting Delegates,

With great pleasure and over used cliché, I welcome you to DXBMUN’17, an experience that promises to be one that none shall forget. A little about myself, I just so happens to love reading, watching TV series and listening to music. To align very conveniently with the purposes of this conference, I love debating too and MUN provides a platform like none other to enjoy it.

Arriving to the part where I explain about the committee, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea aka North Korea is undoubtedly a source of controversy like none other, yet the same brings upon hostilities between it and its closest neighbor, the Republic of Korea aka South Korea. Hence at DXBMUN’17, we shall witness a simulation like none other as we bring to life the state affairs commission of DPRK, the most powerful policy making body of North Korea.

The delegates shall scramble as the extreme levels of debate shall constantly keep them on their toes, demanding workable and realistic solutions and consistent valor.

Despite the described hardship, so to say, I would urge all delegates to enjoy this experience, to find fun in the informal interactions, in the solution brainstorming, in the overly complicated procedures and of course, the debate.

Looking forward to see you in April,

Jagrit Digani


State Affairs Comission of DPRK


Background Guide for DPRK


State Council of RoK

Greetings Delegates, 

It gives me great joy to welcome you to the State Council of the Republic of Korea. The State Council is the highest body for policy deliberation and resolution in the executive branch of the Republic of Korea.

Today political instability in the region and the highly illegal and immoral acts of aggression by our neighbors has threatened our nation. It is our duty to our people and our country to work for a peaceful and prosperous Korean Peninsula headed by a legitimate government by of and for the people of the region.

Together with my Director, I will do my best to make your experience the best so far  in your MUN career. Good Luck!

Best Regards,

Anirudh Ramalingam


State Council

Republic Of Korea


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