“Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions.” ― Winston S. Churchill

Undoubtedly the Security Council is itself special in its proceedings and capabilities but also unique in its kind, unlike any other committee and one of the most crucial committees in any MUN. This committee has been the forum to solving the most vital and crucial agendas in the 21st century while maintaining peace and international security. This forum has been deliberated as the 'Elite Committee' by MUN Directors, Secretary General's and delegates where heated, gratifying debate on pressing, critical and significant issues in our current time will be debated upon. Correspondingly, delegates will be reinforcing the principles of the charter and reconstructing the basis and principles of the UN over the course of the conference.

Hence, in DXBMUN’17, The Security Council assures to be remarkable and the committee will give its delegates a glance into intellectual debate as well as diplomatic engagement to its finest while having to lobby, debate and form resolutions on agendas which can determine whether the world as one can stand up to fight the common enemy.

“Diplomacy is the ability to step on a man's toes without messing up the shine on his shoes.” ― Harry Truman

So let's get started and see how many delegates here will be asking for directions to hell and how many shoes can you, youth leaders, stamp on without spoiling the shine.


Assessing the obligation of member states in assisting the UN and refrain from assisting targeted states with preventive and enforcement action

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