Greetings Esteemed Delegates,

My name is Aryan Shetty and it is my honor to serve as the Chief Director of the Jaffna Peace Talks. Firstly, a little about myself - I study in the Indian High School in the 11th grade. I enjoy debating and playing the guitar. I am an avid writer. MUN is no doubt a tremendous experience.

For me, an MUN conference has always been a place to  learn, while having fun. I have found that the MUN program provides a unique experience in the form of role playing UN delegates.

It is oddly interesting and fun to become somebody you’re not, to immerse yourself in a culture to which you do not belong, and to stand for ideals and views, you don’t may not believe in. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam had been placed among the most dangerous extremist outfits by the FBI in 2008. The LTTE had even inspired terrorist networks worldwide, including the Al Qaeda in Iraq. Yet the economic, cultural, ethnic and social war fought by The LTTE had gained support from a percentage of the 74 million Tamils in India, North America and Europe. 

The LTTE’s viewpoint was simple - The Ruling Sinhalese majority was suppressing the Tamil minority and Ethnic suppression required a military response. From 1983 to 1987 India via RAW provided arms, training  and monetary support to six Sri Lankan Tamil insurgent groups including the LTTE. 

The committee will be a continuous crisis committee consisting of representatives of the LTTE, Sri Lanka, and India. Delegates’ decisions and actions will immediately affect the crisis at hand. The delegates will only be partially informed on their predicament prior to the conference, making for an unpredictable, urgent, but a thrilling and exciting experience. The war waged by the LTTE went on for 26 years, you're in this committee to change that.

I expect all delegates to be well prepared to provide suitable solutions to the issue at hand. Most importantly, I expect delegates to uphold the policies of their counterparts – because that is fundamental to a productive and exhilarating debate.

While I will make sure that debate is productive, I will also do my best to ensure that it is fun and interactive at the same time. I can guarantee that you will remain on the edge of your seat throughout your time in the JPT.

I only hope that delegates leave this MUN conference having learnt something new, with new friends and fond memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. The time of your lives awaits you at The Jaffna Peace Talks.

I’ll see you there.






Sri Lankan unrest 28th July 1987

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